Our Leads Will Empower Your Business

Here at Lead Bully we have one philosophy: To consistently provide quality prospects that help our clients close more business. We are a service-based company; meaning, we strive to ensure that you are happy throughout the entire process. We constantly ask inquisitive questions to determine how we can help your marketing efforts and make your prospecting experience a stellar one.

We pride ourselves in how strong and diversified our team of experts are. It is in our opinion that we are only as strong as our weakest link. We hire only the best, and we work with the best in the industries we conduct business.

Meet our team

Our team is a conglomerate of sales, marketing and internet-technology experts. One of the testaments to our success is how diversified our employees background’s are.


Mr. Christopher Smitley
Chief Executive Officer. Born and raised in Sacramento, CA. Chris holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology with a minor in Marketing. He also has extensive post-collegiate training in web and graphic design, HTML, CSS and is currently learning PHP, Java Script and Flash.

Mr. Victor Flores
Chief Technology Officer. Victor is from Miami, FL and heads our technology department. He is responsible for all of the programming that happens behind the scenes. Anything from PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML & CSS. Vic makes everything at LeadBully.com work and if it wasn’t for his 12-14 hour work-day ethics LeadBully.com wouldn’t be what it is today.

Mr. Luis Mendoza
Chief Information Officer. Luis ensures that the communication from our client base is open, understood and conveyed to our creative and executive team and also manages all of our email marketing. Luis brings over 6 years of experience and leadership in communication, marketing and sales.

Patty Deutmeyer
Personal Assistant. With over 14 years of corporate executive experience Patty plays a very important role within the company. Other than being a complete joy to work with, Patty brings a load of entrepreneurial spirit and integrity. Always happy and consistently on top of things, Patty is nothing shy of perfect.