5 Biggest Time Wasters

Too Few Attempts to Contact Leads

You should call a lead the moment you receive it. This is so important I’m going to to repeat it—you should call a lead the moment you receive it. If they don’t answer, call again immediately. Three out of ten times the person you’re calling will think it’s an emergency and will pick up. This method works so be sure you use it. If no one answers on the second call then you should call back every hour for the rest of that day.

Slow Response to Leads

I recently had a conversation with a new client about the amount of time it takes for their reps to call a new lead and found that their reps were calling leads 20-60 minutes after they received them. Obviously they haven’t read our blog post here. Enough said.

Voicemail & Answering Machines

Some people may disagree, but it is foolish to leave a message on the first few attempts at calling a lead. As a general rule, you should call a lead 4-5 times the day you receive the lead and only leave a message on the 5th or 6th call. If you have a dialer or CRM that allows you to pre-record a voicemail, make sure you use that feature. If your dialer doesn’t have that feature then get rid of it. Consider this: If you call 20 people every day and leave a 1-minute message for each one then you’ve spent 20 minutes every day leaving messages. Multiply that over a year and you’ll spend 86 hours, or 3.6 days, leaving messages. If your current dialer can’t leave a message for you then get a new one!

Bad Lead Management

A CRM that automatically posts leads is essential in sales. If you are currently selling a product and don’t have a CRM you are seriously in need of some help. If you are buying leads from a lead provider or have a website that has a contact page, you need to have a programmer set up an http post or something like it. This is NOT optional. Create a process for each aspect of lead organization and management. Invest time in the process and money in the systems to leverage the ability to easily qualify and sort leads. Eventually this will lead to increases in productivity. It’s absolutely essential that you respond as fast as possible to Internet leads—try not to take more than 5 minutes when calling an Internet lead for the first time.

Lack of Preparation

Faxes, proposals, emails…a lot of these tasks should be automated or 90% complete before you need them. There are tons of ways to increase your preparation and productivity through the use of common tools like eFax, Excel, Gmail. One favorite that we use here at is Boomerang for Gmail. You can read more about it and download it here.

Hopefully this will help some of you with your sales and organization efforts. Remember: You will get what you put into this. Perseverance will trump everything, no matter how smart and fast-talking you are. If you believe in what you are selling, so will your leads.