All sales leads are not equal! Unlike other online lead vendors, Lead Bullys’ technology-driven approach to online marketing delivers only the highest quality leads. By connecting you with customers who are actively searching for products online we can deliver the highest possible close rates. Thousands of companies nationwide have experienced the Lead Bully difference and seen the results!
Highest Quality Leads

  • We specialize in search-generated leads and have the largest and most diverse population of applicants on the web.
  • Customers who are actively searching the web for products have proven to close at significantly higher rates than purchased lists, cold leads or leads collected via contests or gimmicks.
  • Connect with many customers while they are still sitting at their computer!
  • Higher close rates mean more sales from fewer leads.

Advanced Targeting

  • Geographic targeting by state, area code, zip code and zip group.
  • Demographic filters allow targeting by age range and specific ages.
  • Hundreds of additional filters enable product-specific targeting to ensure you only purchase leads to customers looking for the products you can sell.

Instant Delivery

  • Online account management tools allow management of incoming leads and automate lead returns.
  • Leads immediately delivered to one or more email addresses and mobile devices.
  • Data integration with popular lead management systems and outbound call centers enables integration with broad customer management workflow.

Adaptive Technology Platform

  • Real-time analysis of lead flow and purchases allows for continuous tuning of lead generation activities to maximize lead quality.
  • Scalable system manages millions of keyword bids and the targeted delivery of millions of leads.
  • Online account management tools enable full self-service for new targeted lead profiles.

Customer Service

  • No long-term commitments, minimum purchases, membership fees or upfront deposits. Pay only for the leads you receive and change your account settings anytime day or night using our online account management tools.
  • Free email and telephone support can answer any questions and help you target just the right customers.