Tax Settlement Client Results

I just got off the phone a moment ago with one of our Tax Settlement Clients. They have been purchasing leads from us since February. When we filled their first order they disappointingly didn’t close a single sale! Given that we provided them with 50 leads, this was not something we thought we would hear. In all fairness, most of the leads we sent them were delivered only a day or two before the report was compiled. Once they had a week to properly work the leads, they ended up closing two of them. While not very impressive, it was at least barely acceptable. Fortunately, after a lengthy conversation they agreed to re-order.

One of the joys of running a marketing agency is that I get to work with savvy and seasoned veterans. One of our partners, Jim Wade over at Cyclone Sales Pro, calls these seasoned vets “A-Players.” It is very clear to me that our client is one of those companies. Whoever is running the organization clearly knows what they are doing and it shows in the relationship we have with them. More often than not, unseasoned and inexperienced CMOs and VPs think that if they purchase leads from a new agency and don’t close a sale, the leads are “bad.” In some instances that may be true, but it takes a seasoned vet like our client to realize that’s not always the case.

To make a long story short, our client closed 8.93% of the leads we sent them last week. This is an increase of 447% from their first order and they obtained an ROI of 934%.

How, you ask?

For starters, one of the most crucial aspects of running a business is knowing your numbers. At, we use between 20 and 30 different publishers at any given point in time. Some have good converting traffic and help us with keeping our lead costs low while others don’t. The funny thing is that in most cases the leads that are more expensive and don’t convert well are actually the best leads for our clients. As an Internet marketer, lead cost doesn’t mean a thing if clients aren’t closing them. If you have a list of clients that aren’t sharing their reports with you, how do you know whether your publishers are good or bad? Because your leads are half of what you are charging? No! What matters is your client and whether or not they are closing leads from those publishers.

The first crucial step is finding out the status of the leads you’ve provided to your client. From there, you should adjust the amount of traffic you allow each publisher to send. I don’t think I need to explain this too much further as it’s pretty obvious. If you have three publishers sending you an even amount of traffic and two gave you traffic that resulted in closed business for your client (NOT CONVERTED LEADS) then simply lower the amount you are spending with the publisher that is sending convertable traffic to your client and increase the others until you start to see one outperform the other, adjusting as you see fit to control lead costs.

(If you are a marketer and want to find out which publishers are delivering high-quality tax settlement traffic, click here and contact us today).

It’s really that simple.

If you buy leads from a marketing agency or broker, do yourself a favor and DO BUSINESS with them. Don’t buy 10, 20 or 30 leads and then when you don’t close turn around and tell the world that the agency “sucks.” More often than not, the reality is that you are the one who “sucks.” Start thinking about creating relatioships with the agencies that want to work with you in these ways. Choose to do business with the company you feel most comfortable with and the company that is open to learning more about your business and the numbers the business is producing from your efforts. To be very frank, we would have considered taking a very large loss in order to salvage our relationship with our new client because of the potential. This means FREE leads and MORE revenue.

Do business with the people you feel comfortable with and know your numbers. It’s all in the numbers, people!

Here is a screenshot of what we received from them:

Hopefully this helps some of you realize the importance of communication and  knowing your numbers. We look forward to an even better report from them in the coming weeks, and we hope that we get an opportunity to work with your business soon as well!